R.C.C Mixer

Rcc concrete continuous mixer
Components and equipment :
-Aggregate silo, belt conveyors of the beginning of the line. Number of the silos depends on the mix formula and vary from 2 to 4.

– Belt Conveyors under the cold silos and feeding belt Conveyors. The flow of aggregate on the belt conveyor according to silos feeling vary from 0 to 300 cubic meters per hour.

– vertical cement silo with variable speed screw to adjust the cement with sand according to mix formula.

The mixer with capacity of 300 cubic meters per hour with input of water, cement, additives, ice, and etc.

– The paddles are made of ductile cast iron and are designed and assembled in a way that directs the material to the output.

– silo and belt conveyors of the end of the line. materials continuously exist from mixer and go to a storage silo at the end of the line by a belt conveyor.

Automatic control system: percentage of the mixing materials is controlled by some instrumentations such as: load cell, floater, solenoid and inverters and is monitored automatically in control room.