Asphalt Batching Plant 120 t /hr

Technical data of automatic asphalt plant by capacity of 120 tons per hour E2-120

along with you to develop the roads
control system: all parts of plant are automatic (with the opportunity of semi-automatic and manual mode) * An asphalt plant includes the following parts:

1 : Cold aggregates feeder
– 4 cold aggregate silos by capacity of 6m3 with the possibility of increasing the capacity of each silo.
– Steel structure made of various steel grades.
– 4 belt feeders with AC, 2.2-kw electro gearbox (German electro motor)
– inverter
– belt conveyor with width of 600mm and a 3-kw electro gearbox (German electro motor)

2 : Feeding belt conveyor
Belt conveyor with width of 600mm and a 3-kw electro gearbox (western European electromotor) for feeding the cold aggregates to rotary dryer

3 : Rotary dryer
Double-wall dryer by diameter of 9.1 meter and length of 5.7 meter by 10mm thickness including three heating areas:
1- feeding area
2- Convection area
3- radiational heat area
The second chamber of galvanized plate with the thickness of 1mm
two cast iron ring belts
Expansion joints of belt wheels
gear ring
Expansion joints of gear ring
A 37-kw electric motor and gearbox (western European electrometer)
Covered feeding box with the ability of connecting to dust collection system
Aggregates discharging shoot by inspection opening and replaceable wear-plates
Turbojet torch by capacity of 800 kg per hour (Western European electrometer)

4 : Dust collection system using multicyclones
Connecting channels to dryer and dust collection system
Multi cyclone and storage silo and inspection opening (with 42 cyclones)
Air lock with a 75-kw electro gearbox (Western European electromotor)
Screw conveyor with a 5.5-kw electro gearbox (Western European electromotor)
Connecting channels of exhaust fan and vent
Exhaust fan with a 5.5-kw electro motor and wear-plate (Western European electromotor)
Note: in case of using bag filter, multi cyclone is not used.

5 : Hot aggregate elevator
Aggregate bucket elevator
The whole body made of plates by section of 600 * 1300 mm.
The lower part by a spring tension mechanism and with the ability to turn up and an inspection opening
Upper part with outlet and interchangeable plates of St-37
A15-kw electro gearbox with braking system (Western European electromotor)
Specific chains for bucket elevators with German U-connection links

6 : Filler elevator
Bucket elevator for elevating the filler from dust collection system to filler storage silo
The body made of plates by section of 350*800 mm and height of 12m
Upper part with outlet and interchangeable plate of St 37
A 5.5-kw electro gearbox with braking system (Western European electromotor)
Specific chains for bucket elevators with relevant U-connection links

7 : screen
Isolated vibrating screen to prevent dust extraction in dimensions of 120*420 cm Including:
Vibrating screen for grading the aggregates in to four kinds (in order to purchaser formula) and coarse material with simple bearing greasing system without having to open the parts of the screen
A valve (bypass) to choose the path of input Aggregates

8 : Hot aggregate silos
4 hot aggregate silos
A set of overflow shoots and coarse
4 pneumatic discharge valves
With ability of installing a thermometer on aggregate silo
Sampling and inspection opening

9 : Filler storage silo
Storage silo connected to elevator
An air lock with 0.75 kilowatts electro gearbox (Western European electromotor)

10 : Weighing system
Weighing hopper
Outlet valve controlled by the pneumatic jacks
Automatic electronic scale with digital indicators in cabin with weighing system equipped with 4 load cells weighing 500kg

11 : Filler weighing system
Filler hopper
Outlet valve controlled by pneumatic Jacks
Automatic electronic scale with digital indicators in Cabin with weighing system equipped with 3 load cells weighing 200 kg

12 : Bitumen weighing and injecting system
3way-valve with hot oil jacket
Pneumatic driving
Double wall weighing tank by capacity of 300 liters with a pneumatic Sluice
Weighing tank for keeping warm by using thermic oil
Automatic electronic scale with digital indicators in cabin with three load cells weighing 200 kg
Double-wall pipes to transfer bitumen into the mixer U-shape parts with oil jacket to spray the bitumen into the mixer
Double bituminous pump for spraying bitumen into the mixer with Western European electromotor
13 : Mixer
twin-shaft mixer with interchangeable anti-wear layers and a gearbox
The body of mixer made from steel plates with thickness of 10 millimeters
Interchangeable anti-wear internal layer with screw connection for fast replacement
Anti-dust coating
Two main axis with 24 arms and anti-wear cast-iron paddles
Bearings of axis
Electro motor and gearbox with power of 45 kilowatts (Western European electromotor)

14 : Asphalt storage system
Storage silo under the mixer with capacity of 40 tones
Discharge opening with pneumatical driving
Side silo for collecting the overflow and coarse material with the ability of offloading from control room

15 : Control room

The control room independent of plant chassis for preventing the transmission of vibrations made of specific plates including door and window and lights and sockets
central electronic panel for commissioning all of the electro motors (all appliances are European)
Control panel for automatic or semi-automatic controlling all of the operations with connecting to weighing and temperature system and siren and printer
Air conditioning with capacity of 18000 BTU per hour
Complete isolation to prevent dust penetration
All of the cables from control room to different parts of the factory

16 : The Steel structure
The different parts of the factory are installed on a firm steel structure and in order to access to different parts stairs and handrails are designed

17 : Bitumen storage system

Bitumen storage and indirect heating system using hot oil including:
A main bitumen tank by capacity of 50000 liters with interchangeable heat exchanger with filling and discharge valve and a thermometer and galvanized plates
Oil heater with control tap and oil pump with capacity of 200000 kilocalories per hour with expansion tank setting tap and electronic panel A set of double-wall pipes from bitumen tank to asphalt plant and returned to the tank