Oil Heater

The oil heaters are design of H.T.T oil heaters in Germany. After purchasing a large number of oil heaters from that company, technology transfer took place.

Inside of oil heater there are two coils to heat the oil. Furnace opening is from heat-resistant concrete on the body is isolated with a material resistant to 600 centigrade and contains an aluminum coating to reduce heat loss. The coils of the heater are from Mannesmann pipe and due to heat capacity, are made in two separate rows and after testing, is connected together and installed in the furnace.

Thermal oil pump
Oil pump Imported from Germany includes sealings and is the production of SPECK Company.

Oil infusion pump (gear pump)
To facilitate oil infusion a gear pump coupled with a European electro motor with oil storage is improvised.

An oil heater includes chassis, hot oil pump, expansion tank, water trap, burner, their infusion pump, oil storage tank, thermostatic valves, filter and digital control panel and etc. and are shown above. In different situations thermal capacity of oil heaters and their dimensions, can be designed from200000 to 2000000 kcal per hour.