Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant 60 t /hr

Mobile asphalt plant
The quality of road pavement is very important. inappropriate quality in pavement not only provides uneven road surface for users, but also it can increase the potential of failure in Asphalt. To improve the quality of asphalt pavement in addition to quality of produced asphalt, transferring should be in the shortest time and latency in the place should minimize. Also, environmental pollution causes irreparable damage to the environment. according to above issues and ineffable efforts of Iranian workers and engineers, the first mobile asphalt plant with capacity of 60 ton in the European Standard produced and launched by Iran roads and mines industry. And already a 120-ton asphalt plant is designing. Mobile asphalt plant has for trailers that for transferring just trainers are connected to track and after arriving at the side they can be separated from truck and be assembled.
Mobile asphalt plant benefits
1- No need to obtain license
2- The least need of foundation
3- Take advantage of all places even in metropolitan area due to having bag filter
4- Reducing the distance and transportation time between asphalt plant and the location of project
5- Easy removing and installation in the shortest possible time
6- Small projects are economical by these mobile plants
Trailers of mobile asphalt plant RS-60 m

Trailer number 1 including
1- Chassis of plant on a four-wheeled trailer
2- 3 cold aggregate silos each one with capacity of 7m3 (without storage depot) and a vibrator on the outer wall of sand silo
3- 3 belt feeders with
4- The belt under cold aggregate Silo
5- The board of connections of cables with quick connection for cold feeder’s cables, conveyors and the equipment of the cold silos to the main control room

Trailer number 2 including
1- Chassis of plant on 8-wheeled trailer
2- An elevator for weighted Aggregate from scale to mixer
3- A 60-tone mixer with elevator, gearbox and accessories
4- Bitumen weighing system with 3-way valve, bitumen pump and accessories
5- Asphalt storage silo with capacity of 25 tons

Trailer number 3 including
1- Chassis of plant on 8-Wheeled trailer with 4 removable base structure and 2 specific Jacks
2- A dryer with special blades and heat shield
3- Turbojet burner and a high-pressure fuel pump
4- Hot aggregated elevator with brake electromotor
5- Filler elevator with brake electromotor
6- Cyclone and input channels from dryers back filter with T-valve and output shoot to aggregate elevator
7- Big filter with bags of German Nomax and the screw conveyor Under it, and Its electro gearbox
8- 3 deck vibrating screens and screen box with its electromotor
9- Hot aggregate silo and discharge gates and its Jacks 10- Filler and sands weighing and its gates and other belongings
11- Exhaust fan and inspection opening, vent and other belongings

Trailer number 4 including
1- Chassis of plant and 8-Wheeled trailer
2- A control room made of nun-conductor walls containing air conditioning unit and control system for these three conditions: automatic – semi-automatic and mixer
3- Control room made up and come natural containing air conditioning unit and control system for these three conditions automatic semi-automatic and solo phase mixer.
4- The control panel consists of a panel to run all of the electromotors – burner – bitumen tank – oil heater and etc.
5- Control desk to control all manufacturing operations of asphalt plants such as: weighing bitumen measuring – counting the frequency of mixing – temperature control – burner control – dryer control – input aggregates and etc.
6- Air compressor for all of the pneumatic driving and bag filter
7- An oil heater by capacity of 200 kcal per hour with a burner – hot oil pump – expansion tank and an electronic control panel
8- Providing apart for generator in case of needing electricity