Concrete Batching Plant

The technical data of batching plant (type RAHSAZ 60 -E1)

The Technical Data of RAHSAZ 60 -E1 CAPACITY: 60 /hr CONTROL SYSTEM: Full automatic batching plant with semi-automatic or manual operating options. RAHSAZ 60 -E1 CONSISTS OF THE FOLLOWING PARTS

1- aggregate Silo In this part there are 4 different bins for dividing the aggregate to different sizes. Each bin that has capacity of 25 has two pneumatic discharge openings. the structure and its walls are made of H-beams and shutter sheet.

3- Bucket winch: Transport Bucket that is feeding the mixer is equipped with Braked Electro gearbox and its capacity is 2.5 .

4- Twin Shaft Mixer The capacity of twin shaft mixer is 60-75 /hr and it’s equipped with European 55 KW motor. Paddling and arms are made of ductile iron and mixer is designed in such a way that the material is mixed well in a short time. Wall mixer lining is resistive against abrasion and can be changeable after abrasion. Water, cement and aggregate inlets are attached to the top cover of mixer.

5- Cement storage silos with screw conveyor Vertical cement silo with the capacity of 34 /hr has Screw conveyor to convey cement from the silo to the mixer.

6-Cement Weighing Cement Scale with precise weighing with 4 load cells and a capacity of 1.5 /hr.

7- Water Weighing Water Scale with two load cells and 600 liters’ capacity.