Bitumen spreader

Bitumen spreader (Bs-6000.N)
1- Can be installed on trucks
2- Bitumen tank in dimensions of 3000*2000*1500 mm made of 5mm-double sheets and insulated with glass wool, and veneer from 1.5 mm galvanized plate
3- Heating coil with burner
4- Electric gas-fired burner in capacity of 150000 kcal
5- Automatic thermocouple for temperature setting
6- Needle indicator OC-150
7- Bitumen filter (designed in Germany)
8- Three-way-valve to spray the bitumen with the Pneumatic jack controlled from cabin in truck by driver

9- 2.5-inch bitumen pump with 7.5kw and 1000rpm-electro motor
10- Two1-inch flexible metal hoses and related fittings at the output of the three-way-valve
11- Gasoline tank with capacity of 150 liter with the reverend pipe-work to burner
12- A 50liter-compressor
13- A shoulder for spraying with the ability of mechanical height changing
14- Piping with the ability of circulation and washing the system
15- Electrical panel (including control circuit of bitumen pump – automatic control of the temperature of bitumen and etc.)
16- A 10kw- generator and frequency counter
Note: the purchaser must prevent the tank with a chassis of 6 meters