Bitumen Mixer

Bitumen additives mixer :
Bitumen is used as a substance in different Industries especially in the construction because of some special features such as: flexibility, hydrophobicity and relatively low cost. Despite the low share of bitumen in asphalt (about 4 – 6 percent), it plays an important role in strength and stability of the road and prevents attrition. Therefore, any improvement in the quality of bitumen leads to the improvement in road pavement. In case of facing the bitumen with temperature decreasing, heavy loads increase the crack of the road and also by increasing the temperature, deformation and wrinkling will happen in the asphalt. The main weaknesses of the bitumen are: High sensitivity – low elasticity – limited course of the temperature to service – resistance and etc. Reformation of bitumen properties increases the quality of bitumen and service life. Therefore, maintenance and repair cost and even some of environmental problems will reduce. Generally, using the bitumen mix additives, causes the improvement in technical data of asphalt. One of the best additives that is very effective on the reforming the properties of the production is polymer.

Bitumen physical reformation :
The Reformation is adding some additives to the bitumen to reach homogeneous mixture. In this method, there is not any chemical problems, the obtained results from it in reformed bitumen is quite satisfactory.

Asphalt reformation :
There are two ways to add the additives to asphalt. The fist way is adding the additives at the time of mixing the sand and bitumen. The second way is adding the additives after homogenization. Because of homogenization the second method for preparing asphalt pavement is more satisfactory.

Total data of additive mixer :
The sheer mix volume: 34 m3
Total height:10.2m
Diameter of tank:5.7m
Mixing start temperature:130 c
Electro gearbox power:22kw
The number of floaters installed on the tank:2
The number of thermocouples installed on the tank:2
Number of rows of the blades:3 rows

Structural, rail and overhead crane :
To facilitate to service the motor and bearings and blades of the structure and the cranes are built. Opening in top of the tank includes: additives input and inspection opening and the floaters installed on body:

To control the level and command the pump and electro gearbox, 2 floaters are installed on the top of the tank.
Thermocouples installed on the body : For safety and temperature control and to command the gearbox. 2 thermocouples are in improvised in the body.

Piping and input and output of the bottom of the tank :
Piping is designed in a way that first, has ability to circulate the bitumen and secondary: filling and discharging is possible just with a pump.