Bitumen emulsion

Technica data of Emulsion Plant

Plant for production of emulsion containing either 50,55,60,65,70% of bitumen, production capacity approx. 6 T/h at 60% bitumen title, consisting of:
A- water phase dosage tank, capacity 3.500 litres, for preparation of water mixes, motor driven stirrer 1,5 kW for mixing additives; electronic level indicator with 4-20mA signal for water pump delivery checking. The tank is made out of Virgin Linear Polyethylene, special compound expressly studied for application with high acid concentration at high temperature, totally resistant to UV, made under our design and produced with specific mould made by us. – electronic level indicator with 4-20mA signal for water phase delivery control
B- piston pump for feeding HCL, ceramic seals, variable delivery, 0,75 kW
C- gear pump, with heating chamber, for feeding liquid amine, 0,75 kW
D- 2 graduated tank, 30lts capacity each, installed on loading cells, for additives dosage. The additive pumps feed the tank up the pre-selected value and then stop automatically. Same pumps will take out the additives and pump them into the water phase tank

circuit for hot water cleaning of amine pump, tank and piping
E- proportioning pump, driven by inverter, for forced and regular feed of water to the mill. Pump body made of AISI 316, gears in special plastic type KK, electric motor 2,2 kW, 4poles
F- on line filter, installed between the water phase tank and pump.
G- one way valve installed on the delivery line of the water phase pump to avoid bitumen feed back; the valve has hot oil heating for avoid clogging problems

H- bitumen dosage tank, capacity 3.500 litres, with heating coil for hot oil heating control of the bitumen phase , with automatic temperature control loop, insulation with rock fiber and covering in galvanized steel sheet. Motor driven stirrer, 1,5 kW, for mixing additives; electronic level indicator with 4-20mA signal for bitumen delivery control.

I- gear pump for feeding bitumen additive to the graduated tank, coupled to electric motor 0,75kW. The additive pump feed the tank up the pre-selected value and then stop automatically. Same pump will take out the additive and pump them into the bitumen phase tank J- 1 graduated tank, 215 litres capacity, for bitumen additive, electronic level sensor with 4-20mA signal.

K- fixed displacement bitumen gear pump, electric motor 2,2 kW, 4 poles, for forced feed of bitumen to the mill
L- motorised valves operated by electric actuator 220 V:
– 1 on bitumen tank exit
– 1 on water phase tank exit
– 1 on mill exit This will allow a very safe fully automatic operation cycle (start and stop sequence)
M- COLLOIDAL MILL type 360 VRO for production of bitumen emulsions:
– production up to 15.000 l/h of bitumen emulsion, basic or acid type
– jacketed mill body to get easy starting
– micrometric regulation of mill gap for controlling quality of production
– head of the rotor bolted on for easy maintenance
– long life bearings mounted on sealed place
– electric motor 30kW, with flexible coupling, heavy duty frame with platform.
N- analogic temperature gauge, located on the mill exit, to check emulsion temperature prior to send to storage silos.